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Barcodes in ophthalmic practice

Rumex is First to Apply Data Matrix Barcodes on Ophthalmic Instruments.

It’s not the secret that instruments are being damaged or lost from time to time. Medical staff spends hours a day to count all the range of instruments, and this number may reach more than 1000 items! Sometimes mistakes occur. Bar-coding system was made up to avoid mistakes and save up time while performing similar day-to-day manipulations.

Like QR codes, Data matrix barcodes are 2D barcodes that store information and are used to identify individual items in order to track them within the organization.

We take pride in being the first manufacturer around the world to start applying barcodes on ophthalmic instruments! This March we have launched the new line of bar-coded instruments at our own production plant. Forceps, scissors, choppers, gauges, markers, speculums and many other devices have been applied with the special data matrix barcode of 2,5х10 mm. 

How doctor or hospital benefit from bar-coded instruments?

  1. More than 50 instruments are used for an eye surgery at average. It becomes easier for medical personnel to track devices with scanner rather than in a customary way. Before and after a surgery medical nurse scan instruments which were used and control sterilization process.
  3. Machine readability of barcodes saves the time needed for medical personnel to prepare instruments before and after each manipulation. They need to spend twice as less time to properly prepare for a surgery.
  5. Safety requirements for medical devices exploitation call for a strict control over the instruments which are subject to sterilization after each surgical manipulation. An option of scanning instruments within a hospital enhances a patient’s safety and adds a good trust credit to clinic’s reputation.
  7. Providers receive support bonus in terms of more analysis options and easy documentation within inventory management. Costs become transparent throughout a life cycle of each instrument, especially for high-priced items. You know the life cycle of each instrument – how many surgeries and sterilizations were performed. Sometimes it happens that the time to change an instrument has come and you don’t know it until you look for the history of instrument.
  8. There are also benefits in terms of easy documentation. It helps you register instruments when you buy so that you know how many instruments you have and how many are to be disposed of. You create excel data sheet which can be faxed or sent to where a new order is generated. You don’t spend time looking for the same instrument and making an order.
  9. You can easily snapshoot you barcodes with your phone or tablet PC camera to find video, recommendations and new information about the instrument and its applications.

There are many more cases when it’s convenient to have Rumex instruments. One of the reasons we apply barcodes on ophthalmic surgical devices is that it’s also convenient for us to maintain the highest quality level by minimizing the risk of defects recurrence in the production chain.

We contribute to ophthalmic management practice development!

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Does the barcode rub off over time?

Data matrix barcode is resistant against any erase! The technology has been successfully used in nuclear and industry for marking heat-producing elements mainly.

Can we sterilize instruments with barcodes?

There are no ways to remove the barcode of damage it. The technology has been successfully used in nuclear and space industry for years.

Do all the Rumex instruments have barcodes?

50% of a stock are bar-coded now. Since April, 1st, 2013 all the instruments manufactured except wire speculums and single-used instruments goes out with a barcode. Single use canullas will have special stickers with barcodes.

What extra equipment is needed for bar-coded instruments exploitation?

Barcodes could be scanned and read by custom hardware called barcode readers. The scanner’s cost reaches approximately $300. Taking into consideration the low price of the instruments we keep - you economize getting more advantages and the best quality in the long term perspective! 

What kind of scanner is suitable for Rumex bar-coded instruments?

You can use any scanner which reads 2D codes. The resolution of a scanner should be not less than 7 mils (0,178 mm)

What is the difference between barcode and QR-code?

Data matrix barcodes and QR codes have many similarities. Both data matrix barcodes and QR codes hold much more information than one-dimensional barcodes. However, the data matrix barcode can store larger amount of data (up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters). QR code holds up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters.  Also it is considered the data matrix barcodes are more secure and less easy to hack than QR codes, so data matrix codes are preferred where higher security is demanded. 

How is barcode applied on instruments?

The fiber laser welding is used to make the engraving.  The technology has been successfully used in nuclear and space industry to mark heat-producing components mainly.

 Are low contrast tiny barcodes readable from all the instruments?

Data matrix barcodes are placed on extraordinarily small spaces and still can be readable, even at only 20 percent contrast ratio.

Do instruments become heavier than usual?


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