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Returns & Replacements. Terms and conditions

If for any reason you do not absolutely love your selections we will gladly offer you refund, exchange or replacement.

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If your instruments (the items of other manufacturers are welcome as well) are damaged we will gladly offer you:

a. repair service

Repair price list

Please note:

  • Our experts should ensure, that the damaged items are service due, so please fill out the RGA form to accelerate the checking procedure.
  • The instruments should be sterilized before shipping back
  • During the repair process the price of service can be changed and\or the instrument can be beyond the repair

b. marking\engraving, remarking and coloring service

Engraving price list


Rumex International Co provides its customers a manufacture defects LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Please, note that in certain countries our guarantees may differ because of national legislation. You may get your country’s warranty details by contacting our customer support department.

If any product purchased reveals a poor quality or has the manufacture defects - please don’t hesitate to contact us. After undergoing a full inspection by our repair specialists, if the defect was not caused by improper handling and misuse, we will provide you exchange of the defective instrument for a new one with no fees or we will repair the instrument.

Please note:

  • Our experts will determine whether the defect is a warranty case, so please fill out the RGA form to accelerate the checking process.
  • If the product was used – please sterilize it before shipping back

Carefully read our Care&Cleaning Instructions to avoid cases of improper usage and mishandling or consult our customer service managers for proper handling instructions.

Contact your customer service manager or write to to get RGA Number. You will receive a response within 1 business day with all information about return, replacement, repair or refund conditions and address the instrument should be shipped.
If you wish to call customer service use telephone numbers 1-727-535-9600 for USA, Canada, Puerto Rico customers and +371 6616 3182 for International customers.

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