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Single-Use Instruments for Anterior and Posterior Segment Procedures

Following the evolution in ophthalmic surgery Rumex International Co has enriched the product range with disposable hand held instruments for the anterior and posterior segment procedures. Over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing of reusable instruments helped us develop a new product line of single use instruments marked with unparalleled quality, high performance, versatility and innovative design.   

Rumex Single-Use instruments is a cost-effective, reliable solution for any operating suite. Conveniently packaged in individual sterile pouches, these ready for use tools save time and effort by eliminating costly cleaning, reprocessing and sterilization procedures and absolutely strike off safety concern associated with “true” sterility and risk of cross-contamination. Aiming at the maximal comfort in performing a surgery (including preparation for a case and after-use instrument management) Rumex International has employed time proven and perfectly new manufacturing techniques that shaped the distinguishing features of the final product: 


  • brand new, precise and ready for use 
  • 100% control over the entire production process - design/material selection/manufacturing/assembly/sterilization/logistics 
  • completely biocompatible, non-toxic materials
  • zero risk of cross contamination     
  • outstanding durability due to carefully selected materials – premium stainless steel and heat resistant plastics
  • delicate instruments are supplied in a protective case suitable for sterilization and storage
  • designed as potentially reusable   
Cost effective
  • considerably reduced price (as compared to reusable equivalents) due to the unique composition of materials
  • no additional expenses on sterilizing equipment units
  • eliminated necessity of reprocessing, examination, repair, cleaning and sterilization
  • transparent, fast and easy traceable instrument management
  • efficient organization of the operating suite
  • minimization of warehouse space

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