Capsulorhexis by
Capsulorhexis forceps with internal ruler rule, 23Ga,(2, 6 engravings)


Surgeon: Gilles Lesieur, MD
Centre Ophtalmologique IRIDIS, ALBI, France
Download video "Capsulorhexis With Rule" 67 Mb


Scleral Tunnel Incision performed with diamond
knives 6-20/6-092, 6-10/6-0531, 6-20/6-107

Eduardo C. Alfonso, M.D.

SurgeonEduardo C. Alfonso, M.D.
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, FL, USA
Download video "Scleral Tunnel Incision" 43 Mb


Bimanual MicroIncision Cataract Surgery

Yuriy Takhtaev

Surgeon: Yuriy Takhtaev
Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Institute, St.Petersburg Branch, Russia

2 side port incisions at 2` and 10` are created using the 6-10/6-050 Diamond Knife. Continous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis is made using the 4-03731 Kershner Capsulorrhexis Forceps. Bimanual sleeveless phaco is performed using the 7-077/I Irrigating PhacoChopper & Small Pupil Snapper. Residual cortex material is removed with the help of 7-081/7-0821 Bimanual I/A System.
Coaxial incision with the 6-20/6-072 Clear Cornea 2.8mm Diamond Knife is made at 12`.
Download video "Bimanual MicroIncision Cataract Surgery" 17 Mb


Phakic IOL Removal followed by Phacoemulsification with Multifocal IOL Implantation

Nikolai Sobolev, Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Institute

Surgeon: Nikolai Sobolev, Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Institute

A Phakic Posterior Chamber IOL is removed using the Shery Rowen Rescue Kit (4-2150 + 4-2151) because of the cataract formation. A Continous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis is performed using the Fine-Ikeda MICS Capsulorhexis Forceps (16-2804) and IOL Cartridge Loading Forceps (4-2141).

AcrySof and Restore - ?„? of Alcon
Download video "Phakic IOL Removal" 18 Mb


3-Piece IOL Removal

Brandon Ayres Wills Eye Institute, Corneal Associates, PA, U.S.A

Surgeon: Brandon Ayres,
Wills Eye Institute, Corneal Associates, PA, U.S.A

Clear Cornea Incision is made using a diamond knife. Damaged 3-Pieces Foldable IOL is removed using 4-21731 / 4-21741 IOL Removing Kit. New lens is implanted into the sulcus and sutured.
Download video "3-Piece IOL Removal" 8 Mb


ILM Peeling using the 12-3044 Lucke ILM Universal Forceps

Klaus Lucke  Augenklinik Universitaetsallee, Bremen, Germany

Surgeon: Klaus Lucke
Augenklinik Universitaetsallee, Bremen, Germany

Maculorhexis is initiated using the forceps` distal end-pick (12-3044) followed by Internal Limiting Membrane removal with the help of serrated grasping tips.
Download video "ILM Peeling" 8 Mb

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