Reusable Anterior

Since 1994 Rumex International Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of ophthalmic surgical instruments. We produce a wide range of reusable ophthalmic surgical instruments for anterior and posterior segments.

The anterior segment is the front third of the eye that includes the structures in front of the vitreous humour: the cornea, iris, ciliary body, and lens.

Our instruments allow to perform the whole range of ophthalmic surgeries of various complicity including the newest types with the use of lasers and phacomachines.

  • Cataract, FemtoCataract and MICS (Prechop and Phaco techniques);
  • Refractive surgery (LRI, ICL,LASIK, LASEK, FemtoLASIK);
  • Corneal surgery (DALK, DLEK, DSEK / DSAEK / DMEK, corneal transplantation);
  • Vitreoretinal and Glaucoma surgeries;
  • Oculoplastics, Evisceration / Enucleation, Muscle, Lid, Lacrimal, Chalazion, Pterygium surgeries.

The continuous aspiration for perfection makes us develop every day and exceed the results of previous periods. The comprehensive approach of what we do brings us concern of each detail. For almost 20 years the emphasis has been made on QUALITY, INNOVATION and SERVICE.

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