Diamond knives

Ophthalmic microsurgical knives with diamond blades are used for cutting and dissecting of tissues during ophthalmic surgery.

The exquisite sharpness and longevity of Rumex Diamond knives is predetermined by high quality of materials they are manufactured of. The use of natural diamond, pure titanium and a patented unique blade cutting and shaping technology enable a surgeon to perform about 200 incisions with a single knife without resharpening. Self diving diamond blades make surgery easy and atraumatic.

  • Blades are made from natural gem quality diamonds
  • Handles are manufactured from titanium alloy
  • The average life span is at least 3 years
  • The width of the cutting edge is 0.2 µm max.
  • Serve for 200 cyclic processes
  • Blade blunting radius is 0.2 µm max.
  • Special after-sale service program
  • 2 year guarantee

As the manufacturerwe guarantee the knives to be in accordance with the documentation when service and storage instructions are followed by the consumer. We provide a 2 year guarantee for the moving-out spring mechanism and titanium parts. Diamond blade can be resharpened or exchanged according to the after-sale service program.

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