Ophthalmic sutures

Ophthalmic suture is a surgical thread that is used to close up wounds in the eye. The type of suture used and its characteristics will ultimately influence the wound healing process, reduce any chance of reinfections and minimize trauma to the specific area.

There are two types of sutures; Absorbable sutures which are easily absorbed into the body as the wound heals and is made from natural and synthetic materials such as collagen, Polyglactin and Polysorb; and Non-absorbable sutures which cannot be absorbed into the body and need to be removed once the wound heals. Non-absorbable sutures are also made from natural and synthetic materials such as surgical cotton, silk or stainless steel, nylon, polyester fiber, polypropylene etc.

All sutures may come in two forms; monofilament sutures which consists of one strand; and multifilament sutures which consists of several strands that may be braided or twisted. The size of the suture also plays an important role in surgical procedures. The most ideal suture size for ophthalmic procedures should be the smallest size possible while at the same time have a high tensile strength, ensure knot security and reduce drag when passing through tissues.

At Rumex International Co. we provide a wide range of high quality sutures with over 100 ophthalmic sutures in our product catalogues. All our ophthalmic sutures are made from a variety of high grade suture materials. Our sutures also come in various sizes with different types of points to suit the ophthalmic procedure and the surgeon’s preferences. Rumex International Co. is the official distributor of needled sutures produced by a Japanese company MANI in the USA We bring the highest quality of Japanese technologies for the benefits of patients and doctors.

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