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A trocar is a surgical device which is used as a port to gain access into the body through which other surgical instruments can be introduced to aid in surgical procedures. A trocar system consists of an obturator (a bladed or non-bladed tip, made from metal or plastic), a cannula and a seal. Trocar systems are commonly used for aspirations, laparoscopic surgeries and procedures involving veins and arteries.

The trocar system comes in disposable and reusable forms. Trocars are available in a variety of sizes and styles to appeal to the various surgical procedures. Some trocar systems come with additional features such as small shields which are used to hold the device in place and prevent damage of internal organs once the machine is inserted.

Any skilled surgeon must choose the right type and size of trocar system with the right features in relation to the appropriate surgery. It’s also important to choose a trocar system to which additional devices can be attached such as aspiration machines and delivery ports for medicine. The trocar system is also used in the embalming process where aspiration machines are used to drain the body of gas and fluids and therefore slow down the decomposition rate.

At Rumex International Co. we have a wide range of high quality trocar systems all designed to allow ease of use by surgeons and aid in the success of any surgery. Our trocar systems come in reusable and disposable forms and come in a number of selected gauges.

Alternative analogs and Customized Instruments are available upon request.

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