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2-Step Reusable Trocar System

Valid till : 12/31/2018

Two Step Reusable Trocar System, one of our bestselling products for vitreoretinal surgery, now available at 25 Ga, has become even more affordable. The best choice for transconjuctival sutureless vitrectomy!

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Disposable instruments for anterior segment

Valid till : 12/31/2018

Rumex International Ltd has enriched ophthalmic product range with disposable handheld instruments for the anterior segment procedures. Our disposable instruments are a cost-effective, reliable alternative for any operating suite. Conveniently packaged in individual sterile pouches, these ready for use tools save time and effort by eliminating costly cleaning, reprocessing and sterilization procedures and absolutely strike off safety concern associated with “true” sterility and risk of cross contamination.

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Featured sets

Valid till : 12/31/2018

Rumex lnternational Co. team is always ready to help and facilitate the work of our clients. For your convenience, we combined our products into special featured sets for all types of ophthalmic surgery. Designs of all sets are advisory; if your surgical technique or professional preference require a customized set, you can easily modify it by picking necessary instruments from a wide range of Rumex

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