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The Importance of Keeping a Well-Stocked Office

The Importance of Keeping a Well-Stocked Office

What makes an ophthalmological practice successful? Some may say the quality of the professionals at work, others may point to the use of advanced technologies, while others would argue that strong patient-client relationships are what makes or breaks a practice. We agree that each of these factors contribute to success, but would add that an effective ophthalmological practice is also one that always takes time to pay attention to the little things, such as keeping a well-stocked office. 

Maintaining an office that's always stocked with quality ophthalmic tools, such as vitreo cannulas, eye forceps, scissors, needle holders, corneal transplant instruments and other items, is essential for providing patients with consistent, high-quality service. Tools like disposable vitreo cannulas and various types of eye forceps are needed for a wide variety of common eye procedures, from chalazion removal to retinal surgery. What's more, these procedures may sometimes require the use of a specific variation of a tool, a necessity which may only be brought to an ophthalmologist's attention immediately prior to or before a surgery. For example, after closer evaluation, a patient's retinal surgery would be best performed with a larger millimeter cannula than what is currently in stock; such a situation is when keeping an office well-stocked or purchasing a vitreoretinal set, complete with a large variety of cannulas, proves essential.

An ophthalmological office that's well-stocked is also one that has tools on hand for any type of procedure, not just those that are most common or those scheduled for the upcoming week. The reality is that an ophthalmologist's office may be required to perform unexpected emergency procedures at a moment's notice, such as a preventing a retinal detachment or treating a damaging eye laceration. In extreme cases, letting supplies dwindle or forgetting to re-order a niche tool could severely impact a patient's eye health.

The good news is that re-stocking ophthalmic tools doesn't have to be accompanied by steep costs. Most common ophthalmic tools and microsurgery instruments can be found at competitive prices; for example, at Rumex, because we're a manufacturer, the cost of our tools is 10-20% lower than those offered by reseller companies. In other words, practitioners can save significantly over the course of time when purchasing from a manufacturer. We make ordering supplies much easier as tools can be delivered to an ophthalmological practice within a matter of days; at Rumex, we ship out of European and U.S. locations to ensure quick delivery and will even waive shipping fees depending on the cost of a purchase order.

For more information on eye surgery instruments for keeping your practice supplied, browse Rumex products online.

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