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SmartVisc / SmartVisc Plus

SmartVisc is a cohesive, sterile, highly purified, non-inflammatory, sodium hyaluronate viscoelastic solution with high molecular weight. it is used to create space, for example, when the anterior chamber is shallow, or when the surgeon requires a higher pressure in the anterior chamber compared to the pressure in the posterior chamber.

SmartVisc SmartVisc PLUS
Classification Cohesive Cohesive
Composition Sodium Hyaluronate 1.6 % Sodium Hyaluronate 3.0 %
Molecular weight 1.2–2.0 m Da 1.0–1.8 m Da
Viscosity approx. 80 000 mPas approx. 400 000 mPas
pH 270–400 mOsmol/kg 270–400 mOsmol/kg
Osmolality 2–25ºC 2–25ºC
Volume 6.8–7.4 6.8–7.4
Storage 1 ml 1 ml
Shelf Life 3.5 years 3.5 years
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Good maintenance of the anterior chamber and the capsular bag
  • Controlled capsulorhexis
  • Easy IOL implantation
  • Better adhesiveness on the corneal endothelium during phacoemulsification
  • Favorable environment to ophthalmic surgery
  • Excellent tissue protection against mechanical damages
  • Steam sterilized
Cohesive Solution

SmartVisc is used to:

  • maintain space and pressure in the eye
  • keep the empty capsular bag open for IOL insertion
  • support the anterior chamber and flatten the anterior capsule
  • dilate small pupils
  • dissect areas of adhesion