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4-032S Small-incision Capsulorhexis Forceps with Limiter, Cystotome Tips, Curved Micro-Thin Jaws, Fits through 2.00 mm Incision, Flat Handle, Length 105 mm, Stainless Steel

SKU 4-032S

Features a limiter that protects the incision from hyperextension, preventing the deformation of the cornea. Cystotome tips allow to make the first pinch and to grip the capsule. 2 engravings (2. 5 and 5 mm) for measuring the rhexis. Tungsten carbide coating at the tips for better gripping of the capsule. A view-port for optimal visualization. Ultra thin vaulted shanks allow to reach the anterior capsule within the limits of 2. 00 mm incision
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