4-0395T Capsulorhexis Forceps with Scale (2.50 mm, 5.00 mm from the Tip), Cross-Action, 8.50 mm Curved Titanium Jaws, for 1.50 mm Incisions, Length 110 mm, Flat Titanium Handle — Rumex.COM Skip to content

4-0395T Capsulorhexis Forceps with Scale (2.50/5.00 mm), Cross-Action, for 1.50 mm Incisions, Curved Titanium Jaws (8.50 mm), Short Lever (16.00 mm), Medium (91 mm) Flat Titanium Handle, Length 110 mm

SKU 4-0395T

**Available for online order in the US and Europe.

Cross-action prevents the viscoelastic leakage and protects the incision from hyperextension. Curved shafts prevent corneal deformation during use. Sharp and delicate cystotome tips allow to make the first pinch easily. Tungsten carbide coating at the tips for better gripping of the capsule. 2 engravings at 2.50 mm and 5.00 mm from the tip to measure the rhexis. Micro incision pivot point fits comfortably through an incision up to 1.50 mm. Hinge joints allow for enhanced durability and even distribution of pressure at three points of the tool. Ergonomic and lightweight handle made of titanium
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